Neil Blacklock : Therapies and Assessments

Maintaining wellness and staving off illness is simple -exercise regularly, eat organic food, drink pure, ionized and alkaline water abundantly (like mountain stream water used to be!), come from good stock, have fun and follow a spiritual path. However, if you find life just doesn't work that way you might like to pay a visit to the CHWC!

Neil's training encompasses therapies which focus on cleansing, detoxing and rebiuilding at the physical, energetic and psychological levels of functioning.  CALL (403) 609 3367

THERAPY More Information
Nutrition  Clinical Nutrition
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Dried Layer Oxidative Stress Test (OST) OST-Nutritional Microscopy
Live Blood Cell Anayisis (Dark Field Microscopy) LBA- Nutritional Microscopy
Detox Acupuncture  
Bioterrain Nutritional Assessent Nutritional Health Assessment
Kirlian Photography Kirlian Photography
Far Infrared Sauna