Publications by Neil Blacklock

1. "Imaging the Extraordinary Vessels with Kirlian Photography Analysis.
A Useful Diagnosis?"

M.Sc. Thesis 1999. Research results in acupuncture and Kirlian Photography have been published in both Canada and Russia.

2. The Caring Guide.
Volume I  'The Process of Care"
, Publ. Age Concern Books, London, UK, 2003

Read two sample chapters

Volume II 'Maintaining Physical and Mental Health"
Publ. Age Concern Books, London, UK, Publication date TBA

University of Manitoba 'Noteworthy Book Review'

3. "Kirlain Reflections of Qi" 2000 
Presented and published at the
LifeElectric'99 Conference Proceedings, Edmonton, Canada

4. Energy Tapping and Kirlian Photography

5. Elder Care